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Welcome to WSTR Galactic Public Access! We are glad you are here and listening in. WSTR is a podcast where three good friends and guests come together to discuss all things Star Wars. Whether you are new to Star Wars or a seasoned veteran, every Wednesday brings the latest in Star Wars news and fresh insights, critique, and appreciation for that galaxy far, far, away. For all your Star Wars news and talk needs, this is the podcast you've been looking for!

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Dec 1, 2021


Voicemail: (630) 557-9787

Welcome to Episode 248 of WSTR! This episode's topics include:

- Guest Interview: Cosplayer Julie Wilk!

- How you can bring all of your hobbies into Star Wars

- Adam Driver is a prop kleptomaniac

- ...and much, much, more!

For all your galactic news...